CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin – Why are they synergistic?


CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin – Why are they synergistic?

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The technology to create peptides that promote the release of growth hormone is rapidly gaining grounds. Animal studies show that they may be used to treat a variety of issues. The natural growth hormone levels decline with age, and the combination of CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin work synergistically, to restore levels of growth hormone, as seen in animal test subjects.

They both can be combined as a peptide blend because they share similar functional properties that allow them to work well together. This review tells us why.


CJC-1295 is a synthetic analog of the human Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, with a substitution of four amino acids that render the compound more resistant to proteolytic inactivation by dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV). It covalently binds to endogenous albumin after subcutaneous administration, thereby extending its half-life and duration of action.

Studies in animals (rats, pigs, and dogs) show that several days after a single administration of CJC-1295, serum IGF-I levels are still increased. In a recent report, CJC-1295 administered to healthy subjects caused a sustained dose-dependent stimulation of serum GH and IGF-I levels when injected at intervals of 1-2 weeks.


CJC-1295 is a GHRH mimetic. It increases plasma levels of growth hormone from somatotropic cells in the pituitary gland of animal test subjects, without altering its normal pulsation. It doesn’t inhibit the effects of somatostatin.

This is why GHRH products can’t be integrated for anabolic purposes unless they are combined with a GHRP.


  • It stimulates fat loss
  • It increases slow-wave sleep
  • It boosts performance
  • It has anti-aging properties


Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide, which is a mild GHRP (growth hormone-releasing peptide), similar to GHRP-2, GHRP-6, and Hexarelin in stimulating growth hormone (GH) in animal test subjects. It has fewer side effects when compared with other GHRPs.


Іраmоrеlіn mіmісѕ thе GН rеlеаѕіng рерtіdе (GНRР) ghrеlіn bу bіndіng tо thе GНRР rесерtоrѕ аnd асtіvаtіng GН rеlеаѕе.

Іn соntrаѕt tо оthеr соmроundѕ thаt асtіvаtе thе ріtuіtаrу GН ѕуѕtеm, ѕuсh аѕ GHRP-2 and -6, Iраmоrеlіn іѕ mоrе ѕеlесtіvе іn іtѕ асtіvаtіоn. It іѕ аlѕо mеtаbоlіzеd ѕlоwеr thаn оthеr GНRРѕ, mаkіng іt mоrе ѕtаblе аnd thеrеbу еffесtіvе fоr lоngеr.


  • Increased lean muscle mass growth
  • Faster weight loss
  • Healthy skin, nails and hair growth
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Anti-aging effects


CJC-1295 and ipamorelin can be combined to increase their potency. Together, they strengthen the signals to the pituitary gland, which amplifies the secretion of growth hormone.


CJC-1295 combined with ipamorelin may be beneficial in regenerative medicine. Their synergy is a phenomenon that scientists can be optimistic about.

It should be noted that, even though several scientific studies on animal test subjects have yielded potentially positive results with the blend of CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin, the peptide combination is still in the research stage and shouldn’t be used for human consumption.


You can purchase CJC-1295 and ipamorelin from Loti Labs. Buy peptides which are USA-made for the integrity of your research. They are tested through HPLC and Mass spectrometry to ensure quality. They are both available in lyophilized powder form, sold in 2mg vials.


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