YK-11 Sarms Review | Buy YK-11 Liquid


YK-11 Sarms Review | Buy YK-11 Liquid

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What is YK-11?

Being a synthetic SARM, YK-11 is a gene-selective partial agonist and is not found to be inducing any physical interaction between the LBD/AF2 and NTD/AF1.

The compound is based on 5-α-dihydrotestosterone which is also known as DHT. DHT is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body. Reportedly, YK-11 is based on the altered chemical structure of DHT.

Structure of YK-11 (Ibutamoren)


Molecular formula: C25H34O6

Molecular weight: 430.541g/mol

Chemical Mechanisms

The chemical structure of YK-11 is much similar to that of DHT. It works by binding itself to androgen receptors in a similar fashion as DHT does. It was found that the compound activates the androgen receptors partially. This limited activation, in turn, works by accelerating the activity related to catabolic genes.

Research Related to YK-11

Androgens play an important role in the male reproductive system and are found to show anabolic effects on skeletal muscle mass and bone mineral density. Various clinical studies suggest that YK-11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator and is responsible for selective gene regulation.

A study conducted on mouse found that the treatment of YK-11 and DHT accelerated the process of cell proliferation and mineralization. To further reach a concrete conclusion, phosphorylated Akt protein levels were measured and they were found to be increased after YK-11 was administered to the rates, thus indicating non-genomic signaling of AR. (Reference 1)

YK-11 Uses

Since the chemical structure of YK-11 resembles a lot to that of DHT, YK-11 performs a range of functions that are performed by DHT. It is used for boosting the hair growth and prostate health. It is also used to trigger proper development during puberty.

Various reports have also concluded that YK-11 can boost the bone growth by acting like a DHT. (Reference 2)

YK-11 Effects

Although YK-11 is becoming popular, no enough data is available on its side effects. There are not enough studies. Not even animal studies.

However, according to a cell study, YK-11 was found to enhance the levels of follastatin. Since the high levels of follastatin could increase the risk associated to prostate, esophagus, skin, and stomach cancer, YK-11 could mimic the same effects too. However, contrary to this, another study found YK-11 to be highly effective against breast cancer. (Reference 3)

It is important to mention here that the chemical structure of YK-11 could prove to be toxic to the liver, and it is expected that the compound might show negative side effects on the liver in animal test studies. (Reference 4)

YK-11 for Sale

YK-11 is used for performing various clinical trials and studies. If you need YK-11 for any such purposes, make sure that you purchase it only from authentic online sources. Although a lot of online sellers will claim to provide 100% genuine products, only a few actually stick to their claims.

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