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MK-677 Ibutamoren Review | Buy Ibutamoren MK-677

MK-677 Ibutamoren Review | Buy Ibutamoren MK-677


MK-677 Ibutamoren Review | Buy Ibutamoren MK-677

What is MK-677 (Ibutamoren)?

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MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, MK-0677 and L-163,191, is an orally-active, potent, selective, long-acting, and non-peptide agonist that mimics the growth hormone GH-stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin.

The compound is found to be highly effective when it comes to increasing the secretion of hormones insulin-like growth factor 1 and GH. It does so without impacting the cortisol levels.

Structure of MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

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Molecular formula: C27H36N4O5S

Molecular weight: 528.662/mol

Chemical Mechanisms

It is an orally active selective antagonist of ghrelin hormone which is also known as the hunger hormone and is released by the walls of the stomach when hungry. Ghrelin then binds itself to the GHS-R also known as growth hormone secretagogue receptor which increases appetitite. This whole mechanism, in turn, affects the pituitary and hypothalamus which play an important role in enhancing growth.

This is what is mimicked by MK-677. It binds itself to the GHS-R and leads to increased appetite while burning the fat associated with thighs, waist, and belly in research subjects.

Research Related to MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

Numerous studies have been conducted on MK-677 Ibutamoren to discover its uses. It is found to stimulate a long-lasting and immediate increase in serum GH levels in dogs. This increased GH secretion was in turn found to elevate IGF-I levels. (Reference 1)

Another similar study was conducted to understand the impact of MK-677 on somatic growth in rats. To do this, the serum levels of rats were noted after administering. After the administration, factors like tibia length, body length, body weight, serum levels, and epiphyseal plate width were observed.

The results were interesting. It was found that the consumption of MK-677 led to an increase in the GH concentrations compared to baseline. However, no immediate results were noted on serum levels of IGF-I and body growth. It was found that the impacts of the treatment almost vanished after six months. (Reference 2)

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Uses

In terms of functionality, MK-677 is found to provide healthier hair, clear skin, and faster recovery from muscle loss and injury in animal test subjects. Various clinical studies have found this compound to be effective in treating growth hormone deficiency and degenerative disorders.

It is also found to enhance sleep quality and repair nerve damage along with providing a healthy heart and kidneys.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Effects

Various animal-based findings have revealed that Ibutamoren might cause water retention, especially when the compound is consumed in higher doses. It can also increase blood sugar levels.

Various studies have also found it to be associated with an increase in appetite which could promote fat accumulation.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) for Sale

You can purchase MK-677 from a range of online sources, however, quality should not be compromised. To get proper and accurate clinical results, it is essential that you buy MK-677 from a trusted source like Loti Labs.

Buy MK-677 from Loti Labs and stay assured, MK-677 provided by us is extremely pure and goes through a rigorous quality check process including 3rd party testing.

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