Pramipexole Review | Buy Pramipexole Liquid


Pramipexole Review | Buy Pramipexole Liquid

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Pramipexole is a compound that is used on its own or in combination with others to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. When it was tested on animal subjects, it improved the subject’s stiffness, decreased tremors, unsteadiness, and slowed movement. Pramipexole also reduces the on and off syndrome which is a condition where the victim is unable to move.

The compounds was also tested on animals to determine its effectiveness on restless legs syndrome; this is a condition that results in the subject having an urge to move their legs. Those with the condition experience the symptoms at night that are accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling on the legs. When the compound was used on animal subjects, it was seen to reduce the symptoms and improve sleep.

Premipexole Mechanism of Action

Pramipecxole is a dopamine agonist whose function is to help restore dopamine balance in the brain. Dopamine is a naturally occurring substance and Pramipexole works the same way as dopamine. When the brain has low levels of the substance dopamine, the subject can suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Pramipexole’s exact means of action in treating Parkinson’s disease is believed to have a relation to its capacity to rouse dopamine receptors in the brain. The conclusion was made after test subjects verified that pramipexole has an influence in the rates of striatal neuronal firing. This is done through activating dopamine receptors in the substantia and striatum.

Premipexole Absorption

Pramipexole has a rapid absorption as it reaches peak concentration within 2 hours. Its bioavailability is more than 90% which is an indication that it has efficient absorption as it encounters slight presystemic metabolism. When the compound is taken with food, there is no effect on its absorption though peak plasma concentration goes up by an hour when taken with food.

Premipexole Metabolism and Elimination

Its half life is 8 hours on healthy test subjects and 12 hours for elderly subjects. It is mostly eliminated through urinary excretion where 90% of it is found in urine in its unchanged form. The amount of the compound that is excreted through renal clearance is about 400mL/min which is about thrice the amount of glomerular filtration rate.

Precautions and Warnings

Renal Impairment

Pramipexole is excreted via the kidneys hence there should be caution for use in subjects with renal impairments.

Compulsive Behavior

Being on the compound can lead to compulsive behavior that include increased levels of sexual urges, binge eating, and other strong urges. When the compound in minimized, these compulsive behaviors subside.

Where to Buy Pramipexole

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