Frag 176-191 Review | Buy Fragment 176-191


Frag 176-191 Review | Buy Fragment 176-191

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Fragment 176-191 (AOD9604) Fragment 176-191 is also known as AOD9604. This is a peptide fragment of human growth hormone which is isolated to the 176th to the 191st aminos in the chain. The fragment is made from amino acids 177-191 and an additional tyrosine amino acid. HGH Fragment 176-191 has been shown to play a significant role in fat reduction. This is a role that was first associated with human growth hormone in 1959.

Fragment 176-191 and Fat Reduction

Fragment 176-191(AOD9604) shows a unique ability to burn through adipose tissue. Studies that have taken place have shown that it achieves better results than AOD9401 which preceded it. In the same way that growth hormone does, Fragment 176-191 stimulates the breakdown of fat. It also prevents fatty food from being turned into body fat. These results have been obtained from laboratory testing and clinical research.

Treatment of mice over the long term has shown that Fragment 176-191 can induce weight loss which is related to its fat breakdown ability. The reason for this is not fully understood. However, it’s likely that it happens when the peptide binds to beta(3)-adrenergic receptors. These receptors are linked to the breakdown of fat in the body. Recent research that has taken place has shown that Fragment 176-191 can also reduce body fat in the mid-abdomen of research subjects who are of average build, overweight or obese.

Other positive features of fragment 176-191

In addition to promoting the burning of fat, there are other notable Fragment 171-191 effects. According to research results, these effects are increased bone mineral density and improved sleep patterns. Studies have also shown that Fragment 176-191 has the ability to increase levels of IGF-1. This imparts anti-aging effects similar to that of human growth hormone.

Storage of peptides

Unopened vials of Fragment 176-191 should be used within 36 months. After the fragment has been reconstituted, it must be used within 14 days. Storage must take place at a temperature of between 2°C and 8°C.

Buy Fragment 176-191

Fragment 176-191 can be purchased from Loti Labs. It is important to buy peptides which are USA-made to ensure the integrity of your research. Fragment 176-191 sold from Loti Labs is tested through HPLC and Mass spectromotery to ensure quality. Fragment 176-191 is commonly sold in 2mg or 5mg vials. It is available in lyophilized powder form.

In summary

In a number of studies, USA made fragment 176-191 has been shown to be effective in assisting with the treatment of obesity and with fat reduction more generally. It has also been shown to be safer than Human Growth Hormone. These studies have shown that using the fragment across 30 days has led to a significant reduction in body fat in animal studies. No serious side effects of  fragment 176-191 have been identified, as long as rational dosage limits have been adhered to.

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