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Anastrozole Review | Buy Arimidex Liquid

Anastrozole Review | Buy Arimidex Liquid


Anastrozole Review | Buy Arimidex Liquid

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Known as an Aromatase Inhibitor, Anastrozole is a non-steroidal inhibitor of aromatase which works by blocking estrogen synthesis. The compound is found to be associated with a low rate of serum enzyme elevations.

Chemically, Anastrozole plays a vital role as an antineoplastic agent. It is a member of nitrile and triazoles and has a molecular weight of 293.4g/mol.

Chemical Mechanisms

Anastrozole is produced by subjecting mesitylene to a radical brominisation process in laboratory.

  • Anastrozole is prepared by treating the chemical produced on substituting benzylic for cyanide in a phase transfer condition.
  • This chemical then undergoes a methylation process with methyl iodide and sodium hydride to create an acidic compound that includes various hydrogen atoms and methyl groups.
  • Treating benzyl peroxide with bromine will trigger a similar benzyl bromide reaction that will act as a base for the aromatase inhibitor.

This way, varying compositions of Anastrozole can be produced in laboratory.

Research Related to Anastrozole

Anastrozole is widely used for treating breast cancer. According to the data obtained through clinical studies on the mice, Anastrozole was used to treat breast cancer cells in female mice along with the combination of two other compounds to determine the behavior of cell death.

The treatment was closely monitored and a close eye was kept on the tumor growth and development. It was found that Anastrozole extended the mean life span of the mice. The data obtained through light and scanning electron microscopy revealed important characteristics like shrinking, rounding, and shrinkage of the cancer cells.

A similar study was conducted on another group of mice where Anastrozole was administered to the animal’s drinking water. The result revealed a major decrease in the uterine weight of the mice.

However, Anastrozole is not found to be effective only in females, but it is found to provide interesting results in adult male rats as well. In a study, Anastrozole was administered to male adult rates via their drinking water for a period of 9 weeks. The treatment led to an increase in their testis weight.

Anastrozole Uses

Based on the studies conducted on animals, Anastrozole is found to be highly effective in treating breast cancer. However, Anastrozole works best when it is administered individually and is not combined with other estrogen-based compounds.

Anastrozole for Sale

There are many options when buying anastrozole online and it is important to buy anastrozole from a reputable research supply company. As quality can vary, it is crucial that you are certain that the compound you are receiving is exactly what you are paying for.

Loti labs Anastrozole is third party tested prior to mixing to ensure the integrity of your research.

Other Anastrozole Uses

In addition to treating breast cancer, Anastrozole is also used for various other purposes. For instance, Anastrozole is used to balance testosterone levels in infertile males. Reportedly, when males have high levels of aromatase, a large amount of testosterone is converted to estrogen which makes them low on testosterone.

Anastrozole is found to be effective in maintaining a healthy sperm count. It is also used to reduce the production of estrogen to build muscles effortlessly.

Anastrozole Effects

Various animal-based findings have revealed that Anastrozole can lead to serious side effects including bone thinning, increased blood cholesterol, skin reactions, severe allergic reactions, liver problems and the like.

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