Epitalon Review | Buy Epitalon


Epitalon Review | Buy Epitalon


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A Russian scientist by the name Professor Vladimir Khavinson discovered Epitalon and researched it for over 35 years. The results showed that epitalon reverses aging, prevents cancer, aids better sleep to mention but a few. If you are looking for where to buy epitalon, look no further. Loti Labs is a giant in the peptide research industry. Our peptides are exceptionally high-quality and affordable. They are for research purposes only and are not formulated for human consumption.


Epitalon is also known as Epithalon or Epithalamine, a synthetic pineal tetrapeptide because it consists of four amino acids (Alanine, Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid, Glycine). It is identical to the natural peptide called Epithalamin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland.

It plays a role in metabolism, increasing the sensitivity of the hypothalamus to its natural hormone influences regulating the level of melatonin in the body of animal test subjects, which is responsible for improving the circadian rhythm. It also has anti-aging effects and extends life expectancy. It also inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells in the breasts, colon, prostate etc..


Sequence: H-Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly-OH

Molecular Formula: C14H22N4O9

Molecular weight: 390.35 g/mol

CAS number: 64082-79-7


Epitalon increases the production of telomerase, a natural enzyme that helps cells reproduce telomeres, which are the protective components of DNA and prevent the loss of genetic information resulting in the chromosome-shortening which occurs in cell division. Telomeres get shorter every time a cell divides, and this is closely linked to age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, and ultimately death in elderly subjects.

If telomerase can be activated, cells can potentially exceed their time limit and continue to replicate reversing the mechanism of aging because the longer the telomere strand is, the better cell health and replication they provide. Therefore, Epitalon plays a vital role in decreasing the aging process and extends longevity.


Several animal studies have demonstrated several effects of epitalon. These include:

Preventing cancer: Epitalon inhibits the growth of cancer tumors and prevents the development of metastasis by activating melatonin secretion. This can be explained by examining the link between the pineal gland and cancer. Epitalon stimulates the pineal gland to secrete a hormone called melatonin. Studies show there is a converse relationship between melatonin and malignant tumor growth in the breast, colon, prostate, e.t.c.

Enhancing deep sleep: melatonin produced from the stimulation of epitalon on the pineal gland is responsible for deep sleep patterns.

Increasing lifespan: Epitalon reactivates the production of telomerase, which strengthens and elongates telomeres in DNA strands. This decreases cell death and extends lifespan preventing age-related diseases.

Promoting improved skin health

Eliminating free radicals: Epitalon has powerful antioxidant properties. It eliminates oxygen-free radicals responsible for destroying cells, which are the main source of degenerative diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more.

Improving vision: Epitalon prolongs the functional integrity of the eye retina in rats with hereditary Retinitis Pigmentosa and improves the vision in patients with pigmental retinal degeneration.


You can purchase epitalon from Loti Labs. Buy peptides which are USA-made for the integrity of your research. It is tested through HPLC and Mass spectrometry to ensure quality. Epitalon is commonly sold in 10mg vials. It is available in lyophilized powder form.


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