Melanotan 2 Review | Buy MT-2 For Sale


Melanotan 2 Review | Buy MT-2 For Sale

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Melanotan 2 or MT-2 is a synthetic cyclic heptapeptide analog of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) and has a chemical structure of C50H69N15O9 and molecular weight of 1024.18 g/mol. It has a 7 amino acid sequence and is homologous to the receptor-binding portions of α-MSH and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH).

α-MSH acts non-selectively on five known melanocortin receptors MC1 to MC5 except MC2 of the melatocortinergic system. α-MSH is also regarded as the most important melanocyte-stimulating hormones in the process of melanogenesis or the production of melanin in the skin and hair of mammals.

Effects of Melanotan 2

The melanocortinergic (MC) system mediates various physiological effects which includes skin pigmentation, sexual behavior, penile erection, pain nerve regeneration, and food intake regulation. These effects occur through stimulation of the different MC receptors.

Melanotan 2 or MT-II, on the other hand, shows affinity to MC1, MC3, and MC4 receptors. It is considered as superpotent in stimulating MC4 receptors since it has 10-100 times higher affinity compared to α-MSH.

            Penile erection. Penile erection is more complex than it seems to be. It is the result of the interaction of the nervous system on a specialized organ. The activation of MC receptors at the central nervous system helps in initiating and facilitating penile erection. A study conducted on animal test subjects showed that rats exhibited increase in yawning, grooming, and penile erection subsequent to intracerebral administration of Melanotan 2.

            Similarly, a study conducted on rabbits showed that activation of MC receptors in the brain leads to the neuronal release or Nitric Oxide which caused an increase in penile cavernosal pressure.

            Sexual arousal. A study conducted on female rats showed that their sexual arousal is affected by pain. Female rats subjected to pain showed lower libido. However, the administration of Melanotan 2 show that it can effectively reverse that effect.

            Another experiment on female rats also found a significant interaction between progesterone and melanotan 2. Female rats that were given progesterone and melanotan 2 displayed increase in ear wiggling, pacing, and solicitations to male rats, all of which indicates sexual arousal.

            Increased pigmentation. The activation of MC1 receptor is responsible for melanogenesis or the production of melanin which are skin pigments that gives the skin a darker color. This increase in melanin production could also mean a potential increase in UV protection.

            Appetite suppression. The central MC system plays an important part in energy regulation and homeostasis. Numerous studies have revealed the role that MC receptors has in energy expenditure, appetite suppression, and obesity.

            A recent study conducted at the University of Florida showed that Melanotan 2 produces a long-term weight loss effect on rats. They also found out that it can affect the amount of body fat. Abdominal fats of rats who received Melanotan 2 has 40% less fat than those that didn’t, even if they were given the same amount of food.

Where to Buy Melanotan 2?

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