BPC 157 Review | Buy BPC-157 Peptide


BPC 157 Review | Buy BPC-157 Peptide

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BPC 157 is a synthetic pentadecapeptide, meaning it consists of 15 amino acid chain. It is a partial sequence of BPC or Body Protection Compound that were discovered and isolated from the gastric juice of humans. It has a molecular weight of 1,419.

It is considered synthetic since it doesn’t share homology with any natural gastric peptides. It is more stable than other peptides, and withstand stomach acid degradation for at least 24 hours as well as in plasma.

Mechanism of Action of BPC 157

BPC 157 has been tested in animal trials for its cytoprotective properties, wound healing activity, and other effects but the exact mechanism is not yet clearly understood. Several studies suggests that its effect is from its ability to upregulate growth factors, increase angiogenesis, modulate Nitric Oxide synthesis, control the function of collagen fragments, and affect bone morphogenic proteins.

Effects of BPC 157

Numerous studies conducted in animal test subjects have found several beneficial effects of BPC 157. Below are some of these effects.


Angiogenesis or blood vessel production is one of the core process in wound healing and tissue growth. In one study, BPC 157 has shown to increase angiogenesis using CAM assay (Chick Embryo). In another study, it was found that it can increase the expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor 2 (VEGFR2) in rats with damaged limbs.

The activation of VEGFR2 then activates a process called VEGFR2-AKt-eNOS pathway that is important to blood vessel repair and production.

Tendon Fibroblast. Experiment conducted in rats with damaged Achilles tendon showed that BPC 157 is capable of increasing fibroblast production. It also increases collagen reformation exceeding that of platelet-growth factor in the first four days. It was also found to increase the survivability of tendon fibroblasts subjected to oxidative stress.

Gastroprotective. BPC 157 has shown to prevent gastric ulcers in rats that are administered with agents that induce stomach ulcerations. It also showed benefits when used for intestinal inflammation with its activity comparable to omeprazole and ranitidine.

Neurotransmission. Although BPC 157 has no direct binding activity to neuro receptors, it has shown involvement in the serotonergic system because of its effect on the gastric system. BPC 157 when administered in rats has shown to increase serotonin production in several brain regions after just 40 minutes.

Antidepressant. An experimental study conducted in female rats subjected to Porsolt’s swim test or forced swim test has shown that BPC 157 has greater antidepressant effect compared to the control which is imipramine and nialamide.

Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. In one particular study, rats are administered with MPTP toxin that induces neurological damage similar to that in Parkinson’s disease. Rats that are given BPC 157 has appeared to lessen the damage caused by MPTP.

In another study, rats are given Cuprizone to mimic the damage seen in Multiple Sclerosis. Test subjects that are given BPC 157 exhibited less brain damage than those that wasn’t given.

Where to Buy BPC 157?

 BPC 157 can be purchased from Loti Labs. It is important to buy peptides which are USA-made to ensure the integrity of your research. BPC-157 sold from Loti Labs is tested through HPLC and Mass spectromotery to ensure quality. BPC-157 is commonly sold in 5mg vials. It is available in lyophilized powder form.


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